Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Video Ranking on Google


Done Local Video Marketing


 Video Ranking on Google


Services Offered:


1.        Create a professional Promotional 1- 2 minute video highlighting your  businesses benefits to your potential clients.

2.       Rank that video on the First Page of Google for the search term of your business e.g.    


1.      Clients will find your video on the first page of Google and be   directed to your website and company information.

2.      More exposure for your product, service, increase in sales and     Enquiries.

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Rank your site HIGHER in Google?

I can help you with your content marking and writing SEO friendly blog posts or articles for your blog or website.

I can also help you optimise your YouTube videos so they rank higher in Google.

Are you looking to Rank your site HIGHER in Google?

I have some great tips that can help you rank your Blog posts and articles higher.

Here are 6 steps that will rank you site higher

  • 1.  Make your Page Title your keyword phrase
  • 2.  Name your page the keyword Phrase
  • 3.  Make your Keyword Phrase is the first H1 on the page
  • 4.  Search your keyword phrase on YouTube. Embed the first video on that comes up on YouTube, into your page under a H3, that says Video about Keyword phrase.
  • 5.  Make sure you use a keyword based navigation in your footer
  • 6.  Make sure you use onsite sitemaps in both XML & HTML formats 

I look forward to working on your gig. 


David Ingham